Job Information

20000 - 40000
Job Type
Green Energy
Raleigh, NC
No. of Employees
Date Posted
2023-10-22 10:12:32

Job Description

The position requires the candidate to be organized and entrepreneurial with a technical familiarity with distributed generation and efficiency technologies
Minimum Education and Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related field; and
Two or more years of work experience in distributed generation project development, including combined heat and power, solar PV, fuel cells, district energy, energy storage and microgrids or other related fields
Ability to work as a team player, along with the capability to work independently with significant initiative on defined tasks and projects
Experience and initiative to manage projects
Other Renewable and Non-renewable Distributed Generation
Energy Efficiency Technologies and Practices for Boilers and Steam Systems, Compressed Air Systems, Energy Intensive Processes, Fuel and Feedstock Flexibility, Motors, Fans, and Pumps, Process Heating, and Energy Management & Automation
The Clean Power and Industrial Efficiency Technical Specialist will assist in the performance of NCCETC’s activities under the US DOE-funded Combined Heat and Power Southeast Technical Assistance Project as well as help develop and implement projects and contribute to the delivery of other services, offered by the Center
The individual in this position will work with the program team to complete site assessments for combined heat & power (CHP) and other clean energy technologies for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities
The work also includes identifying and disseminating best practices of CHP project development and operation, as well as policies or programs supporting this investment
Conducting outreach to potential end-users and providing technical services to evaluate the feasibility of investment in distributed generation or efficiency technologies at their site