Job Information

100000 - 120000
Job Type
Green Energy
Martinsville, VA
No. of Employees
Date Posted
2023-10-12 19:36:57

Job Description

Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar role, preferably in a commercial or industrial setting
Demonstrated knowledge, familiarity, and/or willingness to learn the operations of solar panels, EV chargers etc..
Strong troubleshooting skills and the ability to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently
Proficiency in reading and interpreting trend logs to identify energy-saving opportunities
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with team members, contractors, and other stakeholders
Detail-oriented with a solid commitment to maintaining high-quality standards
Willingness to attend training sessions and continuously upgrade knowledge and skills in the field of green energy systems
Demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability and passion for promoting renewable energy solutions
As a Green Energy Sustainability Technician, you will be responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining various systems at our facility that contribute to our green energy initiatives
You will play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient operation of these systems and implementing energy-saving procedures and policies
System Monitoring and Maintenance:
Monitor the performance and operation of green energy systems, including HVAC, solar panels, chillers, boilers, and EV charging units
Conduct routine inspections to identify any issues or abnormalities in the systems
Perform regular maintenance tasks to ensure optimal system performance, such as cleaning, lubrication, and filter replacement
Respond promptly to system alarms or malfunctions, troubleshoot problems, and implement appropriate solutions
Liaise with contractors when necessary to schedule repairs and ensure timely resolution of issues
Training and Knowledge Enhancement:
Attend training sessions and workshops to stay updated on the latest technologies and best practices related to green energy systems utilized at our facility, such as energy management systems and renewable energy solutions
Create, read, and analyze trend logs to identify patterns, inefficiencies, and opportunities for cost savings
Hiring Range: $40.000 - $45.000
Pay Band: 4
Compensation and Benefits Package:
An excellent state benefits package (including health insurance and retirement) is offered and detailed at:
Job description