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Talking Points

1)   Speaker Name

2)  Employer Company
3)  Describe What that employer does (industry sector) … Offering an image would be helpful (i.e., a Siemens employee could include an image of a 500-ton generator)
4)  Job/occupation/career for that employer
5)  Education (degrees & certificates)
6)  Wage range for that occupation/profession
7)  Important knowledge (i.e., engineers might identify physics, math, and/or English for effective communication)
8)  Important hard technical skills
9)  Important ESSENTIAL soft skills
10)  What I like/love about my job11)  Whatever advice the speaker would share with teenagers who are trying to navigate their life and education (remember these facts in giving advice or counsel: over 50% of CMS students are economically challenged and the status quo of America is that its institutions create: 1) 50-70% of Americans who hate or dislike their jobs; 2) 51% of Americans regret the decisions made about college as teenagers and young adults (degrees, schools, field of study); and over 50% of college educated Millennials are unemployed or under- employed while American employers were trying to fill an historical high of 7.5M jobs prior to the Pandemic). Knowing these statistical probabilities, what advice do you have for teens as they “Designing Your Life”.

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