This career video provides day-in-the-life information about jobs, occupations, and tasks related to Archivist positions including Records, Film, Museum, Reference, and Archival Clerks, Coordinators, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors.

JOB TITLE: Archivists ONET: 25-4011.00 OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION: Appraise, edit, and direct safekeeping of permanent records and historically valuable documents. Participate in research activities based on archival materials. RELATED TASKS: * Organize archival records and develop classification systems to facilitate access to archival materials. * Provide reference services and assistance for users needing archival materials. * Prepare archival records, such as document descriptions, to allow easy access to information. * Establish and administer policy guidelines concerning public access and use of materials. * Research and record the origins and historical significance of archival materials.

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